Here we list the Summer of Code projects


This summer I got to be a part of the JuliaFEM project. My main responsibilities where to code two repositories: NodeNumbering.jl and ModelReduction.jl. I also wrote a paper about calculating natural frequencies with JuliaFEM and improved the documentation and examples of JuliaFEM.

NodeNumbering.jl contains functions to perform the Reverse Cuthill-McKee algorithm which is used to reduce the bandwidth of sparse matrices. At the moment the package has 8 merged functions. The figure below shows how matrix bandwidth is reduced with the code.

ModelReduction.jl is a repository to reduce the dimension of a model for multibody dynamics problems. The package includes e.g. the Guyan reduction and the Craig-Bampton method. The package has 6 merged functions.

This summer I got great guidance from Tero and Jukka who taught me a lot. I learned how to use Github properly and how to perform the whole coding process with the right working methods. My coding skills progressed significantly and I learned a whole new coding language.

I am very happy that I got to be a contributor in the JuliaFEM project and I will definitely be a part of the JuliaFEM team also in the future and keep developing and improving it to be the best open source FEM solver in the world.

Marja Rapo,

Engineering Mechanics student at University of Oulu